Curriculum Reviews

Sonlight Curriculum
– by Jenny

Hi, I’m Jenny. We started our homeschooling journey in what Sonlight considers Kindergarten material and are now in 3rd grade (Core D) and have been pleased throughout.

It is a Christ-centered packaged curriculum that can be as all-inclusive or pick-and-choose as you want.  We do the Core choice per grade and with it comes lessons plans, books, science and math manipulatives and whatever electives materials you might want to add. But if you search their website you will find constant encouragement to add outside interests, and even if need be, disregard the detailed daily lesson plans to fit your needs and explore the freedom of learning in the home.

I have appreciated how the readers and readings mirror at times Biblical truths we are learning, historical places we map daily and all fit into a timeline we continually add to each school year.  I would state though that we have found the grammar and writing exercises to move too swiftly for our needs but that is an instance where we pick-and-choose.

If you have questions about this curriculum, please feel free to as me at our next meeting. You can contact me via the site administrator, Tammy. Please use the subject, Sonlight-Jenny. She can forward your requests to me.