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As a THSC Partner Group, we’d like to extend a special invitation to join one of the largest growing homeschool communities in the state!

THSC helps to empower member families in their homeschool journey by providing lots of valuable resources, such as:

  • Over $600 in discounts on curriculum and homeschooling tools
  • Expert homeschool coaches to help answer your questions and provide helpful guidance in a wide range of topics

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Added: 3/17/2022

Here are some great resources for homeschooling:

Texas Home School Coalition – To receive a $20 per year discounted rate on your membership, be sure to select Bosque Area Christian Homeschoolers in the drop-down box below “Household Information” and next to “Home School Group.” We also receive the Texas Home School Coalition magazine.

THSC provides the information you want to know about homeschooling your child(ren) in the state of Texas – the most home school-friendly state in the United States.

This is an excellent resource for information about laws and circumstances that affect us as Texas home school families and frequently the plight of any parent due to unscrupulous bills and laws.

Every odd year, the Texas legislature is in session in the Spring. THSC offers opportunities to learn about lawmaking in Texas and for our students to participate in the lawmaking process as lobbyists for home school-friendly bills.  It is an excellent opportunity to go to the state capitol, learn more about Texas history, and meet our state senators and representatives.

Home School Legal Defense Association This organization is a superb organization for protecting family rights and the rights of homeschoolers at the national level, as well as providing legal assistance, like THSC or Homeschool Legal Advantage, in the event of threats against you and your family for homeschooling your children.

They offer members discounts on homeschool curricula, as well.

Even if you do not join this organization, joining their mailing list is very informative.

Homeschool Legal Advantage

Mardel’s web site offers some assistance in determining your teaching style (Charlotte Mason, Classical, Traditional, Unit Study, or Unschooling), as well as a questionnaire to help you determine your children’s learning styles (kinesthetic, visual, or auditory).

The Texas Home School Coalition Convention held each Mother’s Day weekend at the Arlington Convention Center in Arlington, Texas is a good place to see a variety of curriculum, purchase curriculum at discounted prices, and go to homeschooling seminars.

Nearly each week, the Erwin family post some interesting free material on the Homeschool Freebie of the Day web page. Sign up to receive their e-newsletter each week to find out what they have to offer.