BACH Curriculum Fair

Saturday, April 29th from 2:00 – 5:00 pm

The Bosque Area Christian Homeschoolers will host a curriculum fair on Saturday, April 29, from 5:00 – 5:00 pm at the Old City Hall in front of the fire department in Valley Mills. The Old City Hall is located at 107 4th Street, Valley Mills, Texas 76689.

This is a free event to allow local homeschooling families and those considering homeschooling an opportunity to meet BACH members, learn about various curriculum options and why certain ones work better for certain families, and laws about homeschooling in Texas. We hope to see you there.

For more information about Bosque Area Christian Homeschoolers, go to, email: info “at” or call Tammy Tergerson at
(254) 253-1406. Click here for other contacts. For other information, go to our public Facebook page.

To print out the information to bring with you or to share in your community, click the following link to download the .pdf file with all the details. 2017 BACH Curriculum Fair

Meet Jenny

Hello Bosque County, TX Homeschoolers and those in the Bosque area considering homeschooling! I’m Jenny. In the spirit of making our BACH (Bosque Area Christian Homeschoolers) site more accessible and up-to-date we will be posting monthly informational installments from various families in the BACH group.

I would just like to share a little bit about our homeschooling experience.  Like a lot of homeschooling parents, I rise around 6am to have my quiet time with the Lord, with a cup of my favorite hot tea steaming serenely beside me as I commit another homeschooling day to Him in thanks.  I do a bit of yoga and then get our hot breakfast ready as I gently wake my sweet student. She rises with a smile and burst of excited energy to meet the day… (here is where you hear the record scratch this tale to a stop).

That is my daydream.  I have a great desire to meet the day this way and on some rare occasions parts of this may happen.  But, our true life tale is some late mornings, some fast breakfasts, not enough time in His word, and honestly, rare times of exercise.

I homeschool one student and admire and marvel at those parents who lovingly and capably manage a range of ages in their home school.  There is a steady stream of His grace as we approach our literature-based learning with our Sonlight curriculum.

After writing my curriculum review, I was reminded of one of the many reasons I appreciate our Bosque homeschool group: the wealth of resources. Almost every homeschooling family uses different curriculum, teaching/learning styles and techniques. Some of our parents have even been homeschooling for twenty years+!  We certainly hope as a Homeschooling group to keep growing and encouraging each other in our commitment to the Lord and our children.