Support One Another

In addition to supporting one another in our calling to homeschool our children, we can also support one another in our home-based businesses by using products or services provided by those in our group when the need arises or sharing information about these products and services with friends outside our homeschool community who are in need of these. Additional listings are provided for homeschool friendly service providers in our area.

All Occasion Cake Baking, including gluten-free
Tiffany Gentry

Chad Church

Chad Church Construction

Meals on Wheels
Rebecca Church

Piano Teaching
Vicky Ketchum

Vicki Ketchum
Vicki Ketchum

Piano Repair (homeschool friendly)
Stanaland Piano Repair

Lawnmower Sales and Repair; Storage building rentals
Colby Crockett

Therapeutic massage and Tupperware
DaLynn McCoy. See phone book for details.

Web Design, Web Hosting, Graphic Design
Norman Planer